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How to write fan mail to Benedict Cumberbatch!

Since I’ve had success sending and receiving my photos and a letter back from the ‘batch, I thought I would share how I was able to get him to write me back. See here for Benedict Cumberbatch’s handwritten letter to me First, I wrote my letter.  My letter was only a page, but I attempted to fill it with heart felt sentiment and let him know how amazing he is.  (I tried to sound as non crazy as possible, which is quite difficult I must say)

As far as your letter size, I would suggest not writing over two pages, as the man is busy.  :) Allright, you’ve written your letter, now what?

Secondly, grab some photos you want signed.  The skies the limit!  I purposefully choose photos that had a white background so that his black sharpie would show up well. Ask him nicely to sign the photos.

Lettercheck.  Photoscheck. Now we need envelopes, and my personal preference is the old standard manila.  

First I made a return envelope for Ben.   I grabbed a 9x12 manila envelope and put my address in the middle with Benedict’s address on the top left as that is the return address.  I then put my pictures in a standard office folder (or else grab cardboard) and clipped my letter to the envelope and folder containing my photos. Now that takes care of his returning envelope, so now we need our intial mailing envelope. 

You will now need a bigger envelope. Grab a 10X13 manila envelope and put his address in the middle with your return address on the top left.  I put the smaller envelope in the larger one and mailed it off.  Total time it took 3 weeks.  

If you find yourself stuck with two folders the same size, fold the one you want him to return to you and place that in the envelope you are mailing. If you are mailing from another country, you need to include international reply coupons.

You can obtain those from local post offices, but do not put those on the envelope.  

Just include those in your package. As of right now there are varying address in which to send fan mail. His official ones are as follows Benedict Cumberbatch United Talent Agency 9560 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 500 Beverly Hills, CA 90212-2401 USA or Benedict Cumberbatch Conway Van Gelder Grant Ltd. 8-12 Broadwick Street 3rd Floor London W1F 8HW UK From what I can tell, he’s in LA for the forseeable future so I would try and send mail to the california address. (or wait for his new project and write to him at his film venue like I did) FYI,  I had success vv (via venue) so I don’t have any idea which location will have more success.   Any other questions?

posted 18 May 2012 @ 17:19
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