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Benedict Cumberbatch’s handwritten reply to me


and I died a little….

Let me preface this post with a bit of an explanation.  When previous frans on tumblr were having success with writing and getting a reply from Benedict Cumberbatch I was not given privilege of the address from them.  Through means of my own, I was able to locate an address that Ben (could possibly) receive mail.  I sent my pictures with a hope and a prayer that it would get to him before moving to his next location.

After two weeks, I had given up all hope even though my package had not been RTS as others on tumblr experienced.

Exactly 4 weeks after sending my package, low and behold, I did receive my package back from Ben.  I’ve been debating over and over for a few days on whether to share this news here.  

Let me say that I don’t want anyone to think I am posting this to flaunt my success or gloat over the package.  I am merely sharing to show (once again) what a beautiful human being this man is.

He didn’t have to write me  a lovely letter.  He didn’t have to sign two photos that I sent for the bestie AND I.  He didn’t have to do anything, but he did. Because he’s Benedict effing Cumberbatch.

Let’s all just take a moment and reflect on what a wonderful person he truly is.

I know, I know.  Enough talk right?  Pix or it didn’t happen gurl…

I didn’t save a copy of my letter (I don’t know why) but basically I said (paraphrase) Thank you for the wonderful job done in TTSS and Sherlock.  It’s been a horrible year for me personally due to various reasons and both sets of work from him were a wonderful distraction. 

Does anyone want me to type up what his letter says?  It’s a bit difficult to read…

Updated to show what the letter says.  His handwriting is cray cray.  :D


That was a lovely letter for your first.  Thank you.  Hope your personal circumstances get better and its a pleasure to hear that I helped to bring some much needed distraction.  

It’s the most an actor can hope for and achieve.

All the best and yes, I might be coming to Comic Con. But this is up to my bosses not me!

Yours,  *alsdjaldjf!*

Benedict Cumberbatch


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